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Southern Immortelle - Helichrysum splendidum is truly one of the earth’s most precious and sort after oils due to its magnitude of therapeutic and regenerative (anti- ageing) properties. This apex oil is renown for its anti –inflammatory, anti-painkilling and wound healing abilities. It is a potent anti-histamine known to assist in clearing nasal and thoratic congestion. It is also known as "quick stitch" due to incredible cellular regenerative ability. This is a must have in any first aid kit! Application directions: roll on the temples, behind the ears and along neck line. For detailed directions for specific conditions please see detailed description below.


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How to apply the essential oil: · For chronic sinus issues: Place a drop of Helichrysum essential oil to both of your temples and behind your ears for 7 days once a day and then only 3 days per week after that (it is very important to use the oil for the initial 7 days diligently, one can slow down after that). You can alternatively put 4 drops of Helichrysum essential oil in your bath water. · For acute pain: Apply some pure oil to the area of your body that is in pain, and the pain should fade out fairly quickly (just rub it in slightly). Arthritis patients often praise Helichrysum for helping them with their joint pain. Also fantastic for treating bee stings, brings the pain and inflammation right down. · Sleeping Aid: Helichrysum is an excellent treatment for sleeplessness. Just place some on your pillow or the same way you would on your temples and behind your ears, just before you go to bed · Anti-bacterial: Helichrysum has amazing anti-bacterial properties, so if there is an infection in the sinus cavity, it should really help clear that up. Anti-fungal: As well as being anti-bacterial, it also has amazing anti-fungal properties, so if your sinuses are affected by fungus, Helichrysum will clear that up and drain it out (you will feel your post nasal drip become active and slowly clear up). I have had a post nasal drip problem before and it became such a metaphysical issue, so I would only hope this will help you! Anti-viral: With the most common viral problem being the flu, Helichrysum is amazing in relieving those symptoms, you can apply it the same way as you would in the case of chronic sinus problems, and even rub some on your chest. It will help clear up a blocked nose

With this being said, one must be careful about placing pure essential oils on your skin if you are not sure about it, if you have had a good history of using pure essential oils on your skin, then there should be no problems. People with fair or sensitive skin could find the pure oil to be too strong, and it may lead to some minor skin irritation. Cosmetic Uses: Used as an anti-ager in face creams. (A growing market for Helichrysum splendidum) Used in perfume. Helichrysum has many physical healing attributes, but it is also renowned for its spiritual qualities, such as: Calms the central nervous system. Relieves stress resulting from trauma. Can calm highly strung children to a point where they can concentrate. Energies and Chakras: Energetic, spiritual and emotional qualities of Helichrysum splendidum: We have used Helichrysum splendidum to assist in clearing the 4th (heart) and 5th (throat) chakras. It helps to release unspoken words so that you can speak and live your truth with authenticity. It helps to clarify divine identity and own who you truly are. There is a gentle, almost feminine power to this oil, even though it does not have a typical floral aroma. For this reason, this essential oil can help both men and women become more in tune with a softer, gentler energy. Emotionally and energetically, Helichrysum splendidum essential oil grounds and uplifts. We often use Helichrysum splendidum essential oil when looking to heal current emotional trauma or when wanting to mend older emotional wounds. We term Helichrysum a guard oil, meaning it is a safe oil, makes one feel safe - much like Frankincense.