A natural hangover remedy for those rare moments of over-indulgence.

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A handy four capsule sachet.  Each capsule contains : Fulvic Acid (50 mg), Zeolite and Calcium Montmorillonite (200 mg) and Reishi Ganoderma lucidum (50 mg)

Benefits:  A natural hangover remedy for those rare moments of over-indulgence

Further Information: Please do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding

Ingredient information :

  • Zeolite – there are 40 naturally occurring zeolites, forming in both volcanic and sedimentary rocks.   Zeolite is honeycomb-shaped and each chamber is negatively charged.   The body does not absorb Zeolite, but as it passes through the system in 5-7 hours, it helps to remove toxins; including heavy metals, environmental toxins, free radicals and viruses.  Not only does it help to alleviate hangover effects and remove toxins, but it also supports the immune system and improves liver function
  • Another pleasant benefit is relief for sore muscles after a busy night out.   The Zeolite binds to lactic acid and excrete it out of the body
  • Fulvic Acid – Fulvic acid enhances the availability of nutrients and makes them more readily absorbable.  Fulvic acid also absorbs toxins, restores the electrical balance to damaged cells and can help with symptoms of food poisoning
  • Reishi – The benefits of Reishi extend beyond hangovers.  It is a medicinal mushroom that supports all body functions, but one of its many functions is to support healthy liver function