This is the original Essiac Herbal Tea – a very popular product, taken as a daily health boost by many of our customers * cancer  * hypoglycemia  * MS, Parkinson’s  * arthritis  * malignancies  * chronic fatigue syndrome  *  ulcers  * fibroids  *thyroid  problems * hemorrhoids  * prostate and * urinary problems  * circulation  * warts  * diabetes  * psoriasis  * sleeping disorders *impotence  * Alzheimer’s  * asthma and * allergies


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This is the original Essiac Herbal Tea  –  a very popular product, taken as a daily health boost by many of our customers

Benefits: Some of the reported successful uses of Essiac Tea are :

* cancer  * hypoglycaemia  * MS, Parkinson’s  * arthritis  * malignancies  * chronic fatigue syndrome  *  ulcers  * fibroids  * thyroid  *problems * haemorrhoids  * prostate and * urinary problems  * circulation  * warts  * diabetes  * psoriasis  * sleeping disorders *impotence  * Alzheimer’s  * asthma and * allergies

Please note:  in the case of brain tumours this product should only be taken under the direction and guidance of a practitioner who is familiar with it.

Contents:  Slippery elm, Rhubarb root, Burdock root, Sheep sorrel.

In response to many queries about which part of the sheep sorrel is used, here is information from the manufacturer: Many people ask for the Sheep Sorrel Root to be included, but the original formula from the Indian Ojibwa tribe uses sheep sorrel leaf and stem, not the root.

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* Follow enclosed instructions to make up 4 litres of Essiac tea

* The dosage is 50 ml of the Tea and 50ml of boiling filtered water 1-3 times daily on an empty stomach.

* It is best to not eat for an hour before drinking the Tea and an hour afterwards.

* As a preventative, one dose a day should be adequate. * To restore health, use two doses a day.

* If you are confronted with a serious condition, use three doses a day.

* There are no negative side effects, even after long-term use and it can be used with your current medications.

* Not advised if pregnant or breast-feeding

* * * * *

The real Essiac Tea:  

Take care to ensure that you have the real tea, correctly proportioned organic herbs! Natsolve’s Essiac Tea is synthesised by a professional herbalist and is made with love which counts for much!

History of Essiac Tea

This is a mixture which was originally used by the Canadian Ojibwa tribe, this tea of life was re-created by Nurse Caisse (Essiac spelt backwards) and administered to her patients starting in the 1920s. Patients who were told there was no hope by their doctors were able to beat their cancer.

Despite attacks to her reputation, legal trouble for her treating patients without a license, and being dragged into court countless times, Nurse Caisse never stopped helping her patients. The fact she was not charging for her tea, is probably the only thing that kept her out of jail.

In 1938, she received more than 55,000 signatures on a petition to allow her to continue giving her tea to patients who were told nothing could be done to treat their disease. Thousands of people swear by the results they got from this Essiac tea recipe. Meanwhile, there were many doctors who called it nothing more than the äóìplacebo effectäó? in action. When people survive what is considered unsurvivable cancer… we need more of what helped them do that. Whatever it is, we need more in our lives and the lives of our friends and loved ones.

How Does Essiac Tea Work?

Essiac tea detoxifies the body, attacks cancer cells, and ramps up the immune system with powerful antioxidants. To date, it has proven safe for all but pregnant or nursing women.

Ingredients in Essiac Tea Recipe:

  • Cut burdock root (Arctium lappa) a natural blood detoxifier)
  • Sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella) a powerful antioxidant)
  • Slippery elm (Ulmus fulva) is a powerful antioxidant)
  • (Indian) rhubarb root (Rheum pamatum is a phytochemical that is naturally astringent, antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory)

The secret in this healing tea is the exact proportion of each herb. The Natural Solutions Essiac Tea has been proportioned exactly to brew with 4 Litres of boiling water, then to store in the refrigerator and use daily. This infuses down to about 3.5 litres.

Rene Caisse suggested it also be taken at bedtime on an empty stomach.