This is a unique super health-booster with multiple benefits including anti-ageing. Many say this is “the only supplement you’ll ever need”.


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This is a unique super boost product which delivers the following special ingredients:

Baobab  150 mg / Fulvic Acid 15 mg / Diatomaceous Earth  75 mg / Moringa 150 mg / Zeolite  90 (total 480 mg) per capsule:


* aids nutrient absorption

*anti inflammatory

*blood pressure regulation


*elimination of toxins, heavy metals and chemicals

*hair, skin and nails enhancer

*immune system booster

*vitamins and minerals

Baobab – nature’s multi-mineral – pure powder from a supe-rfruit with both health and beauty benefits.

Fulvic Acid – nature’s giver of life – One of the most important substances on Earth. Boosts health. Body purifier. Contains ancient microbial plant nutrients, mineral and essential elements. Its primary role is to help with conversion of nutrients into a usable form. With better nutrient uptake, cell respiration and energy production increases. Sports enthusiasts, including extreme athletes, experience the distinct benefits of Fulvic acid. It helps increase energy levels, prolongs staying power and shortens recovery time.

Moringa – nature’s super superfood! – contains chlorophyl, Omega 3, 6, 9, vitamins, amino acids, 92 nutrients and 46 antioxidants.

Zeolite –  cleanser & rejuvenator – contains volcanic minerals, trace elements and amino acids. A powerful detoxifier