Create a nourishing skin serum with this beautiful duo.


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Add a pea-size drop of Moringa oil to your fingers, and add a slightly larger amount of Skin Soother.
Mix together and generously massage all over the face and neck for a beautiful glow.

Moringa oil 50ml Benefits:  
Moringa oil is one of the most exotic vitamin and mineral-enriched oils in the world. It has been valued by many diverse cultures for its *anti-ageing and *moisturising properties.

Other benefits include: *acne  *blackheads and pimples  *blemishes  *dark spots  *fine lines  * hair growth and shine  *hyperpigmentation  *tissue damage  *wrinkles

Skin soother 100ml Benefits:
This gentle yet powerful product can be used to soothe any skin condition such as *acne, Athlete’s Foot, boils, burns, chickenpox *cracked heels *eczema *rashes, *bites and *stings, *shingles, skin cancer *sunburn and *warts (apply frequently).