In our modern age we all deal with stresses of daily life and don’t always feel like our libido is quite what it could be. The herbs in this product work both physically and psychologically to enhance libido and improve your sexual wellbeing


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A healthy libido is a sign of vitality, strength and wellbeing

How to take

If  libido is low then try supplementing 3 capsules on a daily basis.

For some people the results are immediate and for others it may take a few days. It’s also important to watch stress levels, get regular exercise and eat well – these are the cornerstones of health and vitality

What this formula achieves

The key herbs in this formula work in two ways: They improve blood flow to the sexual organs and they work psychologically to enhance feelings of desire and attraction. These herbs are renowned in Southern Africa for their potent aphrodisiac properties and the combination of these herbs together is where the real magic lies