Hypoxis (African Potato) & Sutherlandia (Cancer Bush).  For  *anxiety *anti-tumour *cancer *diabetes *fever *HIV *immune system booster  *stress *TB.


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Hypoxis (African Potato) & Sutherlandia (Cancer Bush).  For  *anxiety *anti-tumour *cancer *diabetes *fever *HIV *immune system booster  *stress *TB  

The Sutherlandia bush is also the hero of Afrigetics Immune Booster.  Active compounds in the herb have shown powerful immune-modulating effects. Also anti-tumour, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. High levels of GABA in Sutherlandia also account for its ability to ease stress and anxiety.

This Cancer Bush champion is combined with the humble African Potato; Hypoxis hemerocallidea in the immune boosting formula. The tubers of Hypoxis were traditionally made into strengthening tonics for patients suffering from tuberculosis and cancer. The plant’s active phytosterols show anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour effects. Research is ongoing into the herbs’ ability to boost lymphocyte counts in patients with HIIV.

A strong immune system fights off illnesses, helps the body recover more quickly from stress.

Keeping your immune system healthy is a cornerstone of optimum health, feeling alive and full of good energy. These herbs will help you achieve it.  60 vegan capsules

How to take:

For a maintenance dose take two capsules a day but if you feel like you may be getting sick then increase the dosage to three times a day. If you’re really ill then don’t delay, do consult your trusted natural doctor

By improving your immune health you can decrease the amount of wasted time spent feeling sick and unable to perform at your peak. The combination of herbs in this formula work in a variety of ways as ‘adaptogens’ which perform several functions in the body to help maximize health and wellness.