We all need to tackle colds and flu from time to time. This pelargonium-based product can help to reduce the duration and the severity of the common cold and get you back on your feet sooner


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As soon as you feel the onset of a cold take two capsules twice a day. This will help to fight the infection before it gets too serious and will give your body the extra help it needs to remain healthy. Colds and Flu symptoms are best treated with lots of rest, so take a break and let yourself recover naturally

What this formula achieves

The Afrigetics TM Cold Relief formula contains a powerful plant called pelargonium sidoides which has been clinically proven to reduce the duration and severity of the common cold. It’s especially helpful when a cold or flu goes to your lungs and can help reduce the risk of developing bronchitis. We’ve added rosehips to this formula to give you a potent dose of natural Vitamin C which helps the body recover even more quickly. Pelargonium sidoides Rosa canina